"Oh, I See"

You only have a couple of seconds to make a first impression. If the first impression of your website is not outstanding then you are at risk of losing visitors and subsequently business.


At OiC we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with high quality website services and solutions while always being conscious of time and budget constraints.


We are committed to the goals and visions of our clients. Our success has been directly related to our ability to help our clients succeed.


We have been in the business of building custom web sites since 1999. Because of ever-changing and evolving technologies, we are constantly at work to keep our customers on the leading edge.


We promise you our best quality, service, and attention to detail. Our high standards means you will always be satisfied. You will feel you should have paid more!

Our team of website designers, graphics artists, search engine optimization specialists, and computer wizards have worked together many years for well known companies such as The Little River Water & Sewerage Company, Inc and Babb Custom Homes.

Because we have a long history of working together and developing projects together, we know how to deliver projects on-time and within budget - regardless of the size of the project!

Our Production Team

Scott Hendrix, President and Lead Developer

Zach Dotsey, WordPress Specialist

Autumn Wilkins, Graphic Designer