How Much does a Website Cost?

A website can cost as much or as little as you want to spend. We recommend for brand new start-up businesses that are low on cash flow to have an internet presence, even if they have to build it themselves.

Our Process

Our development process, from proposal signing to final move to production (going live) is typically 45 days or LESS.

We offer a link to our clients to see on-going live development and encourage feedback throughout the process so the final product has been seen many times prior to deployment.

We also offer a fast-track deployment for websites that need to be up prior to a special event or marketing blitz.

Our Pricing

Our philosophy is that every business needs to be on the internet with a website, but if you cannot afford to do it right, then you should not waste your money doing it wrong. By building your own website, you can have a basic internet presence and when you are ready, come to us for that professional enhancement - just like Island Song Charters or LaserMD has done!

Pricing will vary depending on the size, complexity, and nature of your website development needs. When you contact us, we will meet with you to understand your business, your philosophy, your style, and to fully understand your internet marketing and website design needs.

And our proposals are priced a la carte, so you can pick which features you want now, which you might add later, or go with the entire package all at once.

We give all of our pricing on a low and high estimate basis and guarantee that our prices will never exceed the high estimate for the work as described in the proposal.

We offer 30 minutes of free web design services each month with our full service hosting package.

A typical website, complete with the ability to make changes and updates without knowing html, starts at around $2,500 and includes a Custom Built 100% Responsive Site, Graphic Designer, Mobile-Friendly Versions, Cross Browser Compatibility, Each Page Optimized for Search Engines, Slideshow, Forms, Scrolling Marquee, and links to social networks. Custom blogs, news feeds, e-commerce, and custom database development are also available.

Contact us today for a custom quote!