Make an Impression

You only have a couple of seconds to make a first impression. If the first impression of your website is not outstanding then you are at risk of losing visitors and subsequently business.


What We Do

OiC offers our clients a variety of ways to enhance their marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Build Responsive Web Design custom built to your exact specifications.
  • Create the Best User Experience of your website from desktop computers to mobile devices.
  • Provide Content Management Systems for you to edit the site at your convenience.
  • Provide Email Marketing Tools to capture web site traffic to a database and help you to reach them with email newsletters, drip campaigns, birthday clubs, etc.
  • Provide Secure Hosting with PCI Compliant servers with SSL Certificates so you can reassure your customers that your organization has taken all the required steps to protect their data.
  • Provide Advice on Search Engine Marketing to create a winning web marketing strategy.

Build an Outstanding Website

Too often businesses skimp on their websites without realizing how important a site's design really is. By investing in an outstanding website designed to wow prospective customers and show current ones you mean business you are taking the first step to making your website, and your business, successful.

A website design that looks great and attracts customers is worth the investment. This investment you make in your site's design will directly reflect on your balance sheet. The better your site, the more money you will make!

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Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard of SEO, but do you how it affects your website? Search Engines are the primary way internet users will find your website. The objective of SEO is to increase visitors in the natural search engine results.

We at OiC are well trained to help your website rank in the search engines. Our SEO professionals know what it takes to get your website ranked high and provide the internet exposure to increase your client base.

Our SEO specialists know what it takes to not only get your website ranked, but keep it there. We utilize practices that are highly successful and we regularly receive praise for taking a non-ranking site and getting it ranked high by Google and other search engines.

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Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising over the web is considerably different than traditional marketing and advertising. Because of this, you should let the professionals at OiC handle your site to take it to the next level.

There are many ways to market and advertise your website online as well as off. A great website design in addition to search engine optimized original content , ads, and other marketing and advertising campaigns will help your business take off.

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